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Integrated Diving Harness DQ-04

The Integrated Diving Harness DQ-04 is a life preserver equipment of CLASS III

certified CE 0078/EN 15333-1 as lifting harness for professional diving on surface-supply and deep-diving operations.

Developed to lift and rescue a diver in trouble, the Integrated Diving Harness is

composed by:

  • An adjustable lifting harness tested to 9KN/WL (20KN/BL) minded to perform

the work and the security of the diver. The harness is equipped by lifting and

charging rings, by a modular stainless steel back-pack mounting at choice

a single or double tank and a wings-style buoyancy system.

  •  An orange Cordura® 1000 denier fabric high visibility vest, equipped by weight

pouches with a fast release system.

Certified by INPP, Institut National de la Plongée Professionnelle

                                               DQ-04 Standard Single Tank

 DQ-04 Double-tank Model

                                      DQ-04 Buoyancy System Model

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