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Portable Diving Control Panel DQ-02
whit communication system

Portable Diving Control Panel in syandard version for two divers or customized on client specifications, always following the European Rules and the IMCA guidelines.

Diving Panel Specifications:

- Two HP inlets whit rotating fitting and Air breathing hose whit certified security cable 

- Two LP inlets whit standard3/4 JIC rotating fittings

- Check valve on each inlet

- Cross-over valve to join the two circuits

- HP gauge on each inlet

- LP gauge on each inlet/outlet

- Standard umbilical and pneumo fittings 6JIC and 4JIC

- Pneumeters Class 0.25%

- Adjustable relief valve 0/25 BAR

- 30 kg weight, portable by one man

- Dimensions 580 x 440 x 220 mm

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