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The DRASS D-ONE Diving Helmet is now available on Querci-SubSupply

Ergonomically engineered for maximum confort and safety, D-ONE puts the well-being of

divers first.


The D-ONE is the first totally certified diving helmet to meet the highest health, safety,

quality and environmental protection standards of all the relevant European directives in

accordance with European Regulation (EU)2016/425, as Personal Protective Equipement

(PPE) Category III, and in accordance with EN 15333-1 technical standards.

In Addition to EN15333-1:2008 helmet certification, the D-ONE has obteined a Class A

certification as impact protection device.


The D-ONE has been designed around the concept of modularity : one helmet shell to suit

varying dive environments by means of interchangeable pods :

  •  Standard Pod for Air Diving

  •  Reclaim Pod for Air Diving in polluted/contaminated water

  • Rebreather & Reclaim Pod for deep diving operations


The CE marking guarantees that DRASS D-ONE has passed the certification process

following rigorous product quality and production as well as an extensive series of

performing tests.

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